Hello! And welcome to my Blog.
My name is Sam and I've been a teacher for about 20 years and I love what I do. 
My love of D&D far predates my love of teaching however. I started DMing in the mid-80s when I first saw my brother playing D&D, my father bought a D&D box set (pictured below) from a local car boot sale, and I started DMing for a group of friends from church on Sunday.

In recent years, after a few gaps, I have started to DM for my students and have noticed some interesting traits amongst my students. As a Maths teacher, I know that I am working with such a small samples size that drawing conclusions and making general sweeping statements would be highly dubious, but they are being confirmed by trends I am seeing and hearing about elsewhere. 
What I would love is for you, my readers, to give me feedback about your experiences. I am very open to constructive criticism and discussions and people disagreeing with me with evidence or experience to back up their claim…
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